We have been focused on small-batch roasting since 1984, with a focus on specialty coffee since 2004. Our roasting aesthetic is to roast each coffee in a manner that best exposes its unique inherent flavor, clarity, aroma, and sweetness.

Our sourcing mission is to purchase coffee from sustainable farms across the coffee-growing world. We roast a seasonal selection of single origin coffees in addition to our year-round coffee blends. This allows us to offer new and exciting seasonal offerings while satisfying customer desires for consistent, dependable coffees.

We roast our coffee in small batches in downtown Ithaca. Our coffee is roasted and blended to order. In most cases your coffee leaves our facility within 24-48 hours, bringing you the freshest coffee experience possible.

We offer twice-a-week complimentary local delivery within the Ithaca area and bi-weekly deliveries around southern and western New York. We also offer competitive shipping options for those outside of our delivery radius.
Whether you are opening a new café, adding coffee service to your office, or upgrading your coffee equipment? We can help you select the right coffee equipment, and teach you how to use it in both on-site and off-site trainings.

In off-site training we invite your staff to a training in our coffee roasting and production facility focused on training trainers. Your staff will become competent trainers, capable of imparting the skills and knowledge to use professional coffee equipment safely and at the highest level.

In on-site training we work directly with your staff and focus on developing a mutually agreed set of skills such as latte art, bar efficiency, descriptive coffee sales terminology.