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WHAT’S IT? A BISCUIT? You heard that right. Somewhere between the crisp texture and subtle flavors of a cookie and a cracker lay our delectable biscuits.

SAVORY, SWEET, BUTTERY SHORTBREADS. Just like its hometown of Ithaca, NY.
10 Square Miles Bakery is one a kind.

At 10 Square Miles Bakery, we march to the beat of our own drum, creating bold snacks that shatter the expectations of flavor. Named after its eclectic hometown of Ithaca, N.Y., 10 Square Miles aims to represent its community through out-of-the-box recipes that alter what people believe a savory treat can be. Whether it's our white wine and fennel seed biscuits or our rosemary and sea salt shortbreads, we can guarantee that once you open a box, it'll be hard to stop.