Bali Blue Moon Organic 12 oz Box

Bali Blue Moon Organic 12 oz Box

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One of our best selling and well-loved coffees!

For those who aren't familiar with our Bali Blue Moon, this coffee is grown on the island of Bali, a part of the Indonesian archipelago.

This coffee grows high (1,100-1,500 M.A.S.L.) in the hills that surround the Genung Aging volcano (still active by the way - last erupted as recently as 2019!). This coffee is a blend of Bourbon and Typica coffee varieties which were organically grown under shade trees (Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine and Orange). The coffee is handpicked when fully ripe which occurs between May and July.

It is a wet-hulled coffee, similar to the coffees of sumatra, but in this case far cleaner and more delicately nuanced. What does Wet-Hulled mean? Basically, it is how they remove the coffee bean (seed) from the fruit and skin. What they do is start by pulping the coffee. This removes the skin and the majority of the fruit surrounding the seed. It is then allowed to briefly ferment. This lets the indigenous yeasts and microorganisms consume the excess fruit still clinging to the beans. Then they are washed before being spread out on patios to dry. About half way through the typical drying process they further mill the coffee in a step called wet-hulling. Wet-hulling simply removes the final parchment layer that surrounds the coffee bean. The result of which accelerates the last phase of the drying.

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