Introducing the 
Office Coworker Coffee Club: 
Affordable, exceptional coffee for any workplace.

What it is:

$60 for a 5 pound bag of Ithaca Coffee– freshly roasted single origin and creative coffee blends, available through a headache free online subscription service. Does your coffee consumption go up when your staff is hard at work on a large project? We make it easy to add to your order. You can even pause your deliveries if you get a little backed up with coffee.

Who's it for?

Any person who works where the staff is drinking at least 2.5lbs worth of coffee beans (that’s around 30 cups) per week. Do you have 5 coworkers at your 9 to 5? Sidestep the office coffee and start your office coffee club.

Why are we reaching out?
you work too hard and too long to suffer through mediocre office coffee service. We are offering a catalogue of competitively priced coffee and a service simplifies keeping your breakroom stocked. You can be guaranteed that it won’t break the bottom line, and that is will improve office morale and efficiency

Tell me more!
The coworker coffee club has two tracks. Roasters choice which wioll predominantly feature a rotating selection of our single origin coffee, with the occaisssional blend, or our blends subscription where you receive a selection of our phenomenal coffee blends. Either way, you will get to try a wide range of our offerings. We will roasting for the Coworker Coffee Club happens only on Thursdays, shipping always on Fridays. Shipping is Included in your subscription!

How do I convince my boss?
It’s all about value for money –  a 5lb bags usually cost of $80 shipped. With a subscription you will pay just $60! If choose a weekly subscription this would save you over $1,000 a year.

How about convincing my coworkers?
If you or your coworkers buy just a cup of coffee per day from a café, you will have spent nearly $800 a year, and wasted nearly an entire 24 hours standing on line! Why not ensure you can arrive for work and enjoy a cup of the freshly roasted properly brewed coffee and skip the lines.

OK, where do I sign up?
Email us at, and we will get you set  up.

Work in a BIG office? Would you like us to consult on your coffee equipment?
If you're looking for full service (equipment, cold brew on tap, more than 10lbs of beans per month) - email us at