Dark Chocolate, Earthy, Peppery
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Our Sumatra Keti ara Adsenia is from the Aceh region . The coffee i s 100% Adsenia variety . Coffee is processed by wet hulling or "Giling Basah." The beans are first wet processed before immediately having the parchment layer mechanically removed. The beans, now naked and fully exposed to the elements, are put out on patios and raked and turned to finish drying. It is this unique processing method that brings such special character to the coffee of Sumatra.

Location: Be ner Meriah
Farmer: Keti ara Co-op
Variety: Ads enia AKA: Tim-Tim
Processing: Wet-hulled AKA: Gilling Basah
Roast: mediu m ++
Certificatio n: 100% Organic

Our Sumatra k etiara has an extremely rich and he avy body that is only enhanc ed by a remarkably mild acidity. It has a dark chocolate aroma, along with vanilla, oak, and a hint of peat. The flavor is chocolatey and nutty with a classic Sumatra finish that is wild, deep, and earthy.

Aroma: dark chocolate/ cedar/ herbal/ earthy
Flavor: choc olatey/ nutty/ earthy/ peppery
Acidity: mel low/ subdued
Body: rich/ viscous/ syrupy
Finish: eart hy/ dark chocolate/ lingers