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We are excited to announce the release of our first batch of new and very delicious seasonal coffees. Over the next few weeks we will continue to roll out some fresh, new coffees that we were fortunate to get our hands on and are excited to share with you. Click here to read more about these new releases.

Keemun - Black Tea
One of the boldest black teas, Keemun is widely popular by itself or in a blend (Such as English Breakfast). It has a nutty earth flavor with a long lasting finish. Perfect in the morning to wake the senses. Origin: Anhui, China

Regular Price $8.65/2oz
Sale Price $7.36/2oz
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Democratic Republic of Congo Kivu Natural Process Packaged Coffee
This is a fully natural sundried Kivu Grade 3 coffee from D.R. Congo. It is prepared by the care of employees of the Virunga company in the region of Isale in North Kivu. The coffee is milled at the Virunga washing station and then travels to the port of Mombasa, across Uganda and Kenya. The aromas of dark chocolate and pepper lead to flavors of dark chocolate, caramel and sour cherry pie. This coffee has a sweet chocolatey acidity, and a medium, viscous body with a finish like cherry, toffee and vanilla.

Regular Price $14.99/pkg.
Sale Price $13.99/pkg.
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