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Summer Cheeses!
There is still lots of Summer left to enjoy with picnics, barbecues and family celebrations! Nothing brings a summer dish to life like gourmet cheese! The Cheese Guy handcrafted fresh Mozzarella is soft, delicate, smooth and creamy. It has a clean milky taste and an elastic texture. Serve freshly sliced in a traditional Caprese salad with tomatoes, basil and olive oil. It's excellent when paired with roasted peppers or sweet melon. Try with White wines like Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Grigio. Prairie Breeze Cheddar is loaded with flavor, hitting just the right balance of sweet & sharp. It really sings served with tart apple slices or melted on your favorite grilled burger. It pairs nicely with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Chevre is a wonderfully refreshing addition to any summer salad, spread on a fresh baguette layered with your choice of charcuterie. And why not try making herbed chevre cheese balls with fresh herbs like parsley, dill, chives or basil in a pool of extra virgin olive oil! Chevre pairs nicely with the bright acidity of a Sauvignon Blanc or Sancerre. French Burcheron is a goat cheese with two wonderful textures, an edible rind with a brie like creamy texture and fluffy, lemony chevre interior. Amazing on on fresh bread, topped with marinated sun dried tomatoes! It pairs well with light reds like Pinot Noir. Our Triphammer store is a treasure trove of cheese from all over the world including locally made cheeses, so stop in today and pick out a few exciting cheeses for your next summer picnic or barbecue!

2004 Green Pu-erh - Green Tea
A green pu-erh crafted by the Menghai Tea Factory. Originally cake shaped, it has been broken apart for easier consumption. Brisk and cooling with herbal and golden raisin taste. Origin: Menghai Tea Factory, Yunnan, China.

Regular Price $18.99/2oz..
Sale Price $16.14/2oz.
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French Roast FTO - Bulk Coffee
This coffee is grown by the ATPROCAFES Co-op in Huila, Colombia. With flavors of chocolate, toast, and cherries, the coffee has a balanced acidity and a heavy syrupy body.

Regular Price $12.99/lb.
Sale Price $11.99/lb.
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Manchego 14 month El Trigal Reserva
This special Manchego is aged for 14 months, giving it a sharper, nuttier flavor and a firmer, more brittle texture than its younger namesake. It is produced in Central Spain's La Mancha region. Serve with Rioja wine and fresh fruit.

Regular Price $23.95/lb.
Sale Price $20.35/lb.

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