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In honor of Earth Day we are offering a few specials!
ON EARTH DAY APRIL 22nd: •The Kyoto Special ($2 off new, filled Kyoto growlers OR $1 off Kyoto growler refills) •Free 12oz prepared beverage from our cafés with purchase of select travel mugs!
APRIL19th - 25th: • 25% off boxed water, 500mL and 1L sizes • $2 off 64 oz glass beer growler • 15% off metal straws

Yerba Mate - Herbal Tea
Yerba Mate is an evergreen plant of the holly family. Its leaves are used to brew the drink Mate. It has a refreshing citrus and green tea taste when properly brewed. While Yerba Mate is an herbal tea, it does contain caffeine. Origin: Paraguay

Regular Price $8.49/4oz..
Sale Price $7.21/4oz.
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D.R. Congo Lake Kivu - Bulk Coffee
This fully natural Kivu Grade 3 coffee from D.R.Congo is sundried in a process that requires extra attention, space and expertise. It is prepared with care by the employees of Virunga Co. in the North Kivu region. This coffee has aromas of dried fruit & berry cobbler with flavors of red grape, cherry, and lime zest. The acidity is medium and very sweet with a rich body, and a finish like a Cherry Coke float and cocoa.

Regular Price $13.99/lb.
Sale Price $12.99/lb.
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This firm sheepsmilk cheese has a smooth, dark, yellow-brown rind and has a slightly burnt aroma. The rind carries the marks of the wooden molds in which the curd is drained. The cheese’s texture is compact, slightly waxy, and dotted with small holes. Flavors are sweet and balanced, with notes of bacon and caramel. In smoked versions, the smoke should be noticeable but should not overpower the slight sweetness and hint of acidity. Made in Spain.

Regular Price $19.99/lb.
Sale Price $16.99/lb.

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