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SMOOTHIES & Bite of Ithaca!
ICC Smoothies are now in season! Made from 100% fruit juice and blended with ice, you can enjoy Peach-Pear, Mango, & Strawberry flavors at both cafes! Better yet, they're only $5 even now through Saturday, June 22 as part of our Bite of Ithaca menu! The Bite of Ithaca event was created by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance and will continue running through this Saturday, June 22. Participating restaurants, eateries, and bars offer $5 “bites”. Take advantage of our $5 monkey bread (cheesy spinach and artichoke), grilled cheese (your choice of cheese), pretzel with house made beer-cheese sauce, frozen mocha, and of course our smoothies!

Dragonwell - Green Tea
The crafting of this tea is on honored tradition dating back to the Tang Dynasty (~618 ad). Hand picked leaves are roasted in small batches on a wok. This roasting gives the tea a distinct flat shape, deep green color, and toasty flavor. A quick steep time (1-2 minutes) is the most ideal way to enjoy the true flavor of this tea. Origin: Qiantang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Regular Price $9.65/2oz.
Sale Price $8.20/2oz.
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Power Nap Decaf Blend - Bulk Coffee
Made with a blend of seasonally rotating coffee beans this decaffeinated coffee has flavors of dark chocolate, nuts & apricots. The acidity is mellow and balanced with a heavy syrupy body.

Regular Price $12.99/lb.
Sale Price $11.99/lb.
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Double Cream Gouda
Tastes silky smooth and, although one of the creamiest of all Holland cheeses, it is still sliceable. Melts very well and is great for making cheese sauces. Pairs well with light white wines.

Regular Price $14.99/lb.
Sale Price $12.74/lb.

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