Gourmet Market

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Our Grain Salads!
Our new grain salads are made with whole grains, nuts, and dried fruit. They are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast, lunch, or snack! Try the hearty Overnight Oats & Bulgur breakfast cup, made with apricots, toasted walnuts, flax seeds, a touch of cinnamon, and Maple Yogurt from Ithaca Milk. Enjoy our fresh Green Tahini Grain Salad, made with farro and quinoa, roasted butternut squash, shaved Brussels sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds, and an herbed tahini dressing. Both items are available in the cold drinks case at Triphammer, and in Gateway's cold case near the checkout counter.

Dragonwell - Green Tea
The crafting of this tea is on honored tradition dating back to the Tang Dynasty (~618 ad). Hand picked leaves are roasted in small batches on a wok. This roasting gives the tea a distinct flat shape, deep green color, and toasty flavor. A quick steep time (1-2 minutes) is the most ideal way to enjoy the true flavor of this tea. Origin: Qiantang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Regular Price $9.65/2oz..
Sale Price $8.20/2oz.
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Colombia Valle de Cauca FTO - Packaged Coffee
This coffee is both rich and refreshing, with a complex bouquet of aromas that starts earthy, peppery, and savory and fades to vanilla and honeysuckle. The huge, buttery body fully coats the palate and the subtle flavor is light, sweet cocoa and Brazil nut, with fleeting lychee fruit as it cools. It has a very short and clean finish.

Regular Price $12.99/pkg.
Sale Price $11.99/pkg.
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Canadian Cheddar
Aged at least three years, this cheese is firm, buttery, and sharp, with a full flavor. Great with fresh fruit, tarts, or raw veggies. Pairs well with light, fruity wines, dark beers and ales.

Regular Price $21.95/lb.
Sale Price $18.65/lb.

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