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Cool down with a fruit smoothie in Peach-Pear, Mango or Strawberry flavors.

A decadent example of the powerful relationship between chocolate, coffee, and ice. Think rich chocolate milk shake, but add a boost of espresso!

Nitro Draft Cold Brew
Our Nitro Draft Cold Brew is an iced coffee similar in strength and brewing style to our Kyoto Style Cold Brew. The difference is that this coffee is brewed in our custom designed and built cold brew tower. The cold brewing process is similar to the kyoto, where cold water flows through the ground coffee. In this case the coffee brews directly into a five gallon keg for between 12 and 24 hours depending on the coffee in question. We will be offering a rotation of single origin coffees to highlight the variety available in our coffee when brewed and served cold. Once the coffee is brewed it gets charged for over 24 hours with pure nitrogen gas at extremely high pressures. This forces the gas into solution with the cold coffee. Then the kegs go into our cafe where we serve it on tap. The end result is served straight up to allow you to appreciate the cascading nitro bubbles, and the developing creamy head. The coffee is heavy, sweet, and super smooth.

Kyoto-Style Coffee
We brew Kyoto-Style Coffee with ice water dripped slowly through our fresh ground coffee over an extended 12 hour process. The resulting cold brewed coffee is naturally sweet with a syrupy body and balanced acidity. Enjoy neat or over ice with half & half or milk.
Hearty Bran Muffin
Cranberry Bran Muffin