Zambia Katesha & Isanyi Honey Process 12 oz Box

Zambia Katesha & Isanyi Honey Process 12 oz Box

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Flavor: Sweet Mandarin, Lychee Fruit, Sultana Raisins
Acidity: Medium High, but incredibly sweet and mellow at the same time.
Body: A nice and solid medium body, think hot apple cider.

FARM: Isanya and Kateshi Estates
LOCATION: Northern Province
Altitude: 1,300-1,650 m.a.s.l.
FARMER: Estate
VARIETY: Bourbon & Typica
PROCESSING: Yellow Honey Processed


The estates are located in Zambia's Northern province at 1,300 and 1,650masl respectively. The estates cover a combined area of 2,438 hectares of land, of which 1,277 are planted with coffee, and 1,161 are dedicated conservation areas and buffer zones. Both estates carry Rainforest Alliance, Utz and 4C certification and cultivate a wide range of varieties.

The estates are also involved in a number of social initiatives.

  • A primary and secondary school on Kateshi estate which currently caters for 1,147 students in surrounding villages.
  • A clinic on Kateshi estate which provides free access to basic healthcare for 4,120 members of the community. Staff estimate that an average of 10 lives per month are saved by the the presence of the clinic.
  • The estates are partnered with Water Resource Management Authority and development organisations like GIZ and SNV to reduce water risk and ensure drinking water security in the Chambeshi catchment area.
  • In a concerted effort to empower local women, Kateshi is the first and only coffee estate to employ women in traditionally male-dominated roles such as tractor driving and large equipment operation.


    Harvesting is done selectively and by hand. The harvested cherries are then double-handpicked to remove any under or over-ripes prior to pulping. The honey processed coffee uses a dedicated pulper which is pre-flushed to avoid any cross-contamination from other lots. After pulping, the coffee - still retaining its sugary mucilage - is moved immediately to specialised raised African beds with a fine netting conducive to mucilage retention as well as maximum airflow. Shade nets are used to protect against sun damage during the hottest periods of the day. The coffee is carefully raked throughout the day to prevent clumping and over-fermentation, and to ensure a consistent drying process. The honeyed parchment is dried for 9-14 days depending on the ambient conditions, after which it is transported to the dry mill for secondary processing.

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