Krampus Blend 12oz. Box

Krampus Blend 12oz. Box

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Gruss vom Krampus!
(Greetings from Krampus!)

Just who or what is a "Krampus"?

Krampus appears on Krampusnacht, December 5th. Krampus is the dark opposite of St. Nick. He is fierce and terrifying. He punishes anyone who has been naughty or misbehaved.

Is he coming for you this year?

Welcome to the darker side of the Holidays!

2022 BLEND: Brasil (natural), Ethiopia Limmu (natural), Nicaragua Sajonia Estate (natural, *Robusta!)

This year is the return of the Krampus Blend, first sold way back in 2013, but on a hiatus these past 7 years. This year's blend is unique for a number of reasons. First, it is comprised completely of natural processed coffees.

The Brasil was grown by Marco Antonio Fernandes in the Minas Gerais region, it contributes loads of the chocolate character along with nuttiness, and brown sugar sweetness.

The natural process Ethiopia Limmu was grown by Ibrahim Huessin on his farm Burka Gudina. The Limmu brings all the dried fruit notes, from fresh dates, to dried mission figs, and flame raisin.

Lastly is a naturally processed Robusta from Sajonia Estate, in the sparsely settled southeast of the Jinotega growing region. This coffee being a robusta brings a huge body to the blend, lending a creamy and rich texture. it brings yet more baker's chocolate, more almonds and loads of sweet spice notes.

FLAVOR: Dates, dried mission figs, flame raisins, milk chocolate, malt, spice, almond.
ACIDITY: Medium low.
BODY: Thick, rich, coating, creamy.

This coffee is a hard hitting medium dark blend that works in just about any brewing method you can throw at it. It is a dark, punchy, rich drip coffee, it makes a monster shot of espresso, and a smooth, rich, creamy cold brew.

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