Tanzania Peaberry - 12 oz Bag
Tanzania Peaberry - 12 oz Bag
Tanzania Peaberry - 12 oz Bag
Tanzania Peaberry - 12 oz Bag

Tanzania Peaberry - 12 oz Bag

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About This Coffee This peaberry selection comes from the Aviv Estate in Tanzania. The Aviv Estate has implemented multiple environmental and social standards. Since its founding in 2011, Aviv has become one of the largest, fully irrigated, coffee projects in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and has achieved full government support as one of the largest estates in this area. Through efforts to ensure water security for the 300,000 people living in the Ruvuma River Basin, Aviv has been awarded an Alliance for Water Stewardship certification since 2016, in addition to numerous community and social initiatives supporting local villages.
What exactly is  Peaberry Coffee?  The way a coffee tree fruits is to grow two seeds/ fruit (called the coffee cherry). In the case of peaberry coffee, the coffee fruit bears just one seed (bean). In the case of the peaberry each coffee cherry bears  just one single rounded seed(bean).  Peaberry coffee is a natural occurrence in the coffee growing world. What is unique is that in the case of tanzania, the farms grow enough of it to justify sorting it from the rest of the normally formed cofee, and awarding it a grade of PB.
TASTING NOTES FLAVOR: Grape, apple tart, lime
ACIDITY: medium, malic apple, white wine
BODY: medium, juicy
ROAST DEGREE 2 roosters
PROCESSING DETAILS Washed, Patio and Solar dryers
COFFEE VARIETY Arabigo, Catimor, N39
Altitude: M.A.S.L. 1,000-1,300
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