Canned Coffees

Discover the expertise and passion of signature coffee blends at Ithaca Coffee Company. Find unique roast like Cuppa Joe, a breakfast favorite, Red Rooster Espresso, a deep bodied espresso roast with tones of chocolate and caramel, and Cornell Sustainable Blend, a rich and mellow blend designed for Cornell University. Find regular and decaffeinated coffee blends from coffee beans selected from across the coffee growing world and specifically roasted to highlight the inherent quality of the bean. Order whole bean coffee or request to have your coffee ground.

Our small-batch boutique canned coffee is roasted and packaged in-house. The coffee is sealed in the can with a one-way degassing valve, the same technology we use with our coffee bags, which means that the coffee stays fresh as the day it was roasted until you open the can.

Our canned fair trade organic blends feature attractive and original labels. They are designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia as well as look great on the kitchen counter or in your cupboard. The cans come with a plastic lid and so are also reusable, and they are fully recyclable.